Does my child need a Pediatric Dentist?

Does my child need a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric Dentistry

A pediatric dentist has completed dental school with the credentials and training to practice general dentistry. However, a pediatric dentist has chosen to attend an additional 2 to 3-year residency to train specifically in caring for children. Therefore, that makes us the authorities on little teeth.

Specialized Training

In our comprehensive training, we learn about healthy growth and development in children. Our expertise allows us to pinpoint the best time for orthodontic treatment. We understand the complexity of what causes a cavity. (Hint— it’s not just as simple as sugar = cavity). We also have mastery of techniques for treating anxious children, and our entire staff is “in” on them. We’ll work with you and your child’s medical team to ensure success in treating kids with special needs and complex medical conditions. We offer safe sedation practices for children, with varying levels of sedation for your child. The sedation can take place either in the office or in a hospital setting.

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Child-Centered Environment

From the moment you walk through the door, you will see that it is a child-centered environment. Our doctors and incredible staff love working with kids; that’s we chose to specialize. We are here to make your child excited about every visit; from the day they walk in as a brand new patient to the day they walk out our doors to start their adult life. Pediatric Dentist is here to help your child build a healthy smile and a positive dental attitude for life.

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